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Inverex Solar Energy is Pakistan's leading solar energy provider. We firmly believe that the best path forward for your future is a route that is clean, green, and sustainable; therefore, we offer smart solar solutions. We have been in business for over a decade, delivering top-tier solar products to both residential and commercial markets, and are regarded as the industry's premier innovators!

Inverex have a diverse line of products, both for both residential and commercial use.

FOR COMMERCIAL USAGE Commercial Solar Solutions

A Fresh Take on Shine, Deck your Homes with the Sun!

Our commercial line includes; premier, state of the art, easy to install and easy to maintain solar inverters.

Depending on your electricity consumption, we have the kind of variety that'll help accommodate your specific needs. We have inverters ranging from 3 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts. The vast range of inverters provide solution for any commercial activity. The corporate customers of inverex ranges from small scale business, service providers, and manufactures to the large scale manufactures, and business service providers.

They can be used by the industrial sector in fulfillment of projects, to power plants and machinery, and ensure that orders are fulfilled on time, without unreasonable delays that too in ecofriendly environment.

They can be utilized in the agriculture sector as well, to power greenhouses, and agriculture fields, to provide electricity to agricultural workers at lower costs, and power tube wells. Rural regions often suffer greatly due to little to none electricity supply, farmers often have to walk several kilometers to fetch water for crops, and are forced to live in terrible conditions for a living. Our solar invertors help provide efficient working mechanisms for the agricultural sector, and assist with saving costs incurred during the tedious process of planting and harvesting crops.

For commercial usage Inverex has two different series based on different
manufacturing technology.

Nitrox Inverters

Our Nitrox line has inverters ranging from 3 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts which are available In On-Grid as well as Hybrid models. The Nitrox line also has built in high surge endurance, so no matter how bright the sun is, it won't fry your inverter!
The Nitrox series inverters always maintain a 96% plus efficiency level, ensuring minimal electricity wastage. It also includes a hybrid series with the option of battery backup service, to make sure that despite a power outage, or load-shedding, you will be able to use your inverter to power your operations.

Fronius Inverters

The European technology based Fronius Inverter Series ranges from 5 kilowatt to 100 kilowatt inverters. It is easy to have installed and negates the use of string collection boxes, saving you a fortune. It includes integrated data communication so you can monitor the energy conversion rate and the availability of electricity for yourself and plan all operations accordingly.

The Fronius line, comes with a five year warranty, so rest assured because we never compromise on consumer satisfaction. The Nitrox and Fronius solar inverters can be used by an array of commercial sectors. They can be used to power offices, reducing electricity costs and ensuring that work carries on uninterrupted.

We also have the solutions for office use. We're aware that given the current rise in inflation, costs of living have increased exponentially, and this includes electricity costs. We therefore, equip you with solutions that, at the same time, help reduce your electricity cost and ensure that you do not compromise on your standard of living.

Solar Powered Air Conditionerss

We provide customers with solar powered air conditioners, ranging from 1 till 2 ton air conditioners. Our solar air conditioners come with smart Wi-Fi technology and can be operated using cell phones.

Inverex Solar Battery Series

We also provide 12 watt solar operated batteries for office use. They can be used to run UPS systems and inverters that ensure you get power during load-shedding hours or grid failures. The solar batteries have a long lasting electricity supply, equipping you with means to tough it out during grid failures.

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